The City is undertaking a comprehensive community-based process to re-envision and revitalize Historic Whittier Boulevard. The City is developing a Specific Plan and a Multi-Modal Plan for Whittier Boulevard and Durfee Avenue, which will lay the foundation for a new “uptown” district that embraces the rich history, culture, and identity of Pico Rivera. Phase 1 of the Historic Whittier Boulevard (HWB) Revitalization Program is now complete.

During Phase 1, the team presented the HWB Program at City Council and Commission meetings, school board meetings, townhalls, Pico Rivera Chamber of Commerce meetings, the Pico Rivera Farmer’s Market, and other special events. A week-long planning workshop comprised of a tour of the City of Orange, technical meetings, and a community open house was held at the Pico Rivera IDEA Lab at 9201 E. Whittier Blvd. In partnership with Day One, a non-profit organization, the City also launched the Youth Ambassador Program, which provides immersive, real-world experience in community planning and designing. All the while, Youth  Ambassadors are exposed to education and career pathways in urban planning, public policy, community design, civil engineering, project management, and much more. Any high school or college-aged youth who are interested in joining the program are invited to sign-up on the project website. Altogether, the project team engaged and captured input from over 2,000 community members, stakeholders, businesses, and civic leaders. Valuable feedback and ideas for transforming the Whittier Boulevard corridor, including ideas to improve the roadway, sidewalks, alleys, and buildings to promote walking, biking, placemaking, and economic development, were captured. A summary of engagement efforts and an extensive corridor analysis can be found in the final Existing Conditions Report, now available on the project website.

Phase 2 is now underway and will take place between August 2023 and Winter 2024. During this phase, the Project team will host a new round of community engagement activities, booths at city events, and collect feedback with community survey #2, which is now live on our city website and accessible via the QR code on the graphic below. Phase 2 will include another series of planning activities held at the IDEA Lab. Activities will include a communitywide open house featuring interactive displays, stations, models, activities for children and more. Phase 2 will also include an interactive scavenger hunt along Whittier Boulevard where residents will be able to scan codes at locations along the corridor which will illustrate the current condition and a projected model of the future.

Everyone is encouraged to provide their valuable feedback by completing Community Survey #2; or by participating in future planning activities. Together, we can design the future of Historic Whittier Boulevard. For more information about the Historic Whittier Boulevard project, visit

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