Many residents take pride in their holiday decorations, from exterior lighting decorations to top-notch Christmas tree decorations. Remember to be safe while installing those decorations, especially dealing with electrical lights. Below are some tips from the Los Angeles County Fire Department to keep your home safe from fires during the Holiday season.

Holiday Trees – If putting up a fresh tree, select one with a sticky trunk and
green needles that don’t come easily off the tree. Keep your tree away from
heat sources, including heater vents and fireplaces. Put the tree in a stand
that can hold water and keep the stand filled at all times. Do not keep your
tree up for more than two weeks. If using an artificial tree, make sure it is
flame retardant.

Decorations – Use only nonflammable decorations on your tree and around
the house. Never put lit candles on your tree, and keep all open flame away
from your tree.

Electrical Safety – Inspect your holiday lights for frayed or kinked wires,
broken or cracked sockets and gaps in the insulation. Only use lights listed
by an approved testing laboratory. If in doubt, replace them. Do not overload
electrical sockets with too many lights or appliances. Wires should NOT be
warm to the touch. Don’t leave lights on while unattended.

General Fire Tips – Never put tree branches or wrapping paper in the
fireplace. If using lit candles as household decorations, make sure they are in
stable holders and located where they can’t be easily knocked over. Never
leave lit candles unattended. Always have working fire alarms in every room
of your home, and practice your home escape plan.

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