If you see someone experiencing homeless you can make an outreach request through the Los Angeles County Homeless Outreach Portal at LA HOP.org. An outreach team will then connect with the individual and offer access to services.

Request (lahsa.org)

The Whittier First Day Community and Relief and Education Program provides individuals and families who are at imminent risk of homelessness with financial assistance and housing stabilization services necessary to avoid becoming homeless and entering the emergency shelter system. Please call Karina Luis at (213) 247-8704 for more information.

Community Relief and Education Program

Whittier First Day offers a broad range of housing and supportive services including clothing, hygiene, homelessness prevention and recovery.  Please contact (562) 945-4304 for more information. 

Social Service Access Program Flyer 
Recovery From Homelessness Recovery Program Flyer

The Community Relief and Education Program provides the community with Covid-19 outreach to raise awareness about Covid and other communicable illnesses. Please contact (562) 332-5144. 

COVID Community Relief and Education Program

The Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health (DMH) — the largest county mental health department in the country — directly operates more than 80 programs and contracts with more than 700 providers, including non-governmental agencies and individual practitioners who provide a spectrum of mental health services to people of all ages to support hope, wellness and recovery. https://dmh.lacounty.gov/our-services/ 

How to get involved: Get Involved (lahsa.org)

Local Volunteer Opportunities: Volunteer FAQs – Heart of Compassion (heartofcompassionca.org)

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