Around the City, several construction or improvement projects are going on at any given time. Some projects are on full display to the public, and some are more behind the scenes but nevertheless are improving the quality of life for our residents.

What makes some of these projects more special is when a resident who has grown up and lived here all their life comes back to see an improvement project through. Luz Enriquez is one such example of that.

Luz is a proud product of the El Rancho Unified School District and, more specifically, an alumna of Magee Elementary, class of 1995, Burke Middle, class of 1998, and graduate from El Rancho High in 2001.

After graduation, she got her first job right here, in the City of Pico Rivera, with the Parks and Recreation Department. This job and accompanying role not only allowed her to serve the community, but also get to know the residents better through the provision of summer lunches at Pico Park. She then set out on a new adventure with the REACH Program and worked at different sites, including Magee and Durfee Elementary. Her professional journey continued evolving as she ventured into various jobs, from the Disneyland Resort to Starbucks.

Eventually, her path led her to her current employer for the last nine years, PacificWest, an Energy Services Provider. Luz started at PacificWest as an energy analyst intern. Over time, she worked her way up the ranks to assume the role of a Construction Project Manager, as well as earning her PMP (Project Management Professional) designation.

At PacificWest, her career took an extraordinary turn when PacificWest entered into a partnership with the El Rancho Unified School District. Together, they embarked on an ambitious HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) replacement project encompassing all eight elementary schools within the District. Her deep-rooted connection to ERUSD, as a proud alumna, ignited a special sense of purpose within her. It was with unwavering dedication and a unique love for this project that she requested to lead it.

As part of this endeavor, PacificWest replaced 28 aging HVAC units at Magee Elementary, her elementary alma mater. The project involved upgrading these units to new, energy-efficient models, heralding a new era of comfort and sustainability for the school’s students. Beyond the physical upgrades, this project held a deeper significance for Luz.

Luz recognized the immense potential she held to empower and inspire the next generation, particularly young girls, to pursue their passions and interests in any field they desired. As a testament to her commitment, she aimed to inspire and motivate these students, breaking down gender barriers and encouraging them to believe in themselves, pursue their goals, and seize every opportunity that came their way.

Her journey continues to be driven by a profound dedication. In her role as a Construction Project Manager at PacificWest, she has found a true convergence of her career and her commitment to making a positive impact on the environment, community and the next generation of professionals.

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