The City of Pico Rivera was among eight cities to receive the Gateway Cities Gold Energy Action Award. This award presented by the Gateway Cities Council of Governments (Gateway COG), celebrates cities for their actions to improve energy efficiency and sustainability while promoting progress through friendly competition.

Throughout 2023, the Office of Sustainability completed several accomplishments to reach the Gateway COG’s Gold Tier. Some of those activities included:

» Ongoing participation and collaboration in the Gateway COG Energy Working Group.

» Installed eight (8) Heat Pump Water Heaters at various City facilities; this transition from gas to electric-powered appliances reduces greenhouse gas emissions and increases the life of the equipment.

» Completed a Comprehensive Energy Analysis (CEA). The CEA entails visiting City facilities to collect data that provides insight into energy usage; this information can then be used to implement energy-efficiency upgrades.

» Were awarded a competitive Energy or Sustainability Grant, which will be used to further the City’s mmulti-modaltransportation network (i.e., buses, bike lanes, sidewalks).

The City of Pico Rivera continues to do its part in improving energy efficiency and sustainability by joining the efforts of the Gateway Cities Council of Governments. Moreover, the City, through the Pico Rivera Innovative Municipal Energy (PRIME) provides 50% and 100% renewable energy to its customers, and is currently developing a Climate Action Plan, which will serve as the City’s guide to reduce Greenhouse Gases (GHGs) in the community making  Pico Rivera a more sustainable place to live with improved quality of life.

Pictured above are PRIME General Manager, Victor Ferrer; Executive Director for the Gateway Cities Council of Governments, Hector De La Torre; and PRIME Coordinator, Ashley Cooper.

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