Welcome to the City’s Webpage for Commission Facts.  The City Council of the City of Pico Rivera currently post the Form 806 which describes the Agency Boards and Commissions that the City Council currently serves on as non-city appointments and the stipend they receive for attendance per meeting.  The City Council also receives a $30 stipend per each meeting held and attended as the Pico Rivera Housing Assistance Agency and the Pico Rivera Water Authority Commissioners.  Also posted on the City Council webpage is the Mayor’s Appointments which describes the Agency and Ad Hoc Committees the Council Members serve as liaisons to and in which no compensation is received.  Please click the link below “Posting Required by Law” to obtain this information.

The Maddy Act which provides information on the City’s Planning, Parks & Recreation and Sister City Commissions includes the names of the commissioners, stipend received, appointed by, length of term, days and times of meetings, and staff liaisons.  Please click on the link below “City Commissions” to obtain this information.  

Also included below is a link to the California State Controller Government Compensation website for City of Pico Rivera employee compensation.  Please click the link ”Employee Compensation” for this information.

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