CPRS Awards the City’s Department for Innovation in Design and Programming

It’s a Goal for the Roldan Mini-Pitch
The City’s Parks and Recreation Department was recently recognized by the California Parks and Recreation Society (CPRS) for the Roldan Mini-Pitch in an award ceremony held last month in San Diego.

The Department submitted the Roldan Mini-Pitch project to the annual CPRS awards for “Best Design in Park Planning” for the California Parks and Recreation Society and was subsequently awarded the AWARD OF EXCELLENCE, the highest award to receive at the State level for CPRS.

The Roldan Mini-Pitch opened at Pico Park last Spring much to the delight of area residents. The Mini-Pitch replaced an unused black top area that had an aging handball court and faded basketball court markings on the floor.

The Mini-Pitch is a small, outdoor soccer court that is utilized for 5-on-5 competitive soccer play, training, and conditioning. The mini-pitch can also be used as a full court basketball court by local youth teams or park patrons when not in use for soccer games or training.

Many attendees at the CPRS Conference held in San Diego last month were impressed with the transformation of the dilapidated area into a full use recreational space. In addition, the design and concept were also complimented by many Cities.

The idea of the mini-pitch came about when City staff met with resident and MLS Soccer star Cristian Roldan of the Seattle Sounders to bring a 5-on-5 mini-pitch soccer field to the City. Since the initial meeting held in 2021, the wheels were set in motion, and the court became a reality when it opened in 2022.

Pool Days Receives Splashy Award
In addition to the Award of Excellence, the Department was presented with the 2022 Innovative Programming Award by CPRS – Aquatics Section for the City’s Summer Pool Days program. With the Smith Park Aquatic Center closed last summer, City staff was adamant about hosting an aquatics program for residents who wanted to enjoy a day of swimming. The idea to arrange for a local trip to take residents to a nearby community pool, and Summer Pool Days was born. The program was an instant success, with each free trip “selling out.” Residents were able to visit aquatic centers in Rosemead, Commerce, and Whittier, with a special end of summer celebration hosted by the City of Commerce.
Awards Keep Moving Along

The City’s Parks and Recreation Department received yet another recognition last month. During an annual California Association for Coordinated Transportation conference held last month, the City’s Pico Rivera Transit program was recognized and awarded 1st Place – Excellence in Marketing, for the design of the Pico Rivera Transit bus wraps, and the associated marketing to launch the program.

Pico Rivera Transit is the City’s Dial-A-Van service that provides curb-to-curb service to Seniors and disabled residents in the City of Pico Rivera. For information on the program, including enrollment, call 562.948.4844.

While it may seem like these are just awards to display, this actually helps the City and the Department in seeking grant funding for other projects in the future. This shows that the City is invested in improving its recreational facilities and is committed to providing recreational opportunities and amenities for the residents.

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