Rooftop Solar and Battery Available at No Upfront Cost with Power Choice Program

Pico Rivera Innovative Municipal Energy (PRIME) has recently partnered with Tesla Inc. and Participate. Energy to launch Power Choice. This exciting new program provides residents with the opportunity to harness the benefits of solar power and battery storage— without the burden and costs of installation and ownership.

Through the program, existing PRIME customers can request to have solar panels and batteries installed on their properties at no upfront cost and with no credit check required. Tesla will install the rooftop solar panels and Powerwall batteries, giving homeowners the ability to generate clean, on-site power, strengthen their grid resilience and lower electricity costs.

Participating customers will enjoy the many benefits of solar energy and battery storage without any of the hassle. The Power Choice Program manages everything from design to installation to maintenance, making it the ultimate solution for those interested in transitioning to sustainable energy. Participants will continue to receive one monthly bill, exactly as they do now. Individuals enrolled will make affordable monthly payments based on their power usage, providing a cost-effective way to access clean energy.

Beyond supplying customers with clean power and bill savings, the Power Choice program can also provide emergency backup power in the event of a Public Safety Power Outage or disaster. In those situations, the Powerwall battery deploys the solar energy the system produces on a daily basis to ensure households can retain their power.

PRIME remains committed to providing clean energy at affordable prices, while also offering valuable benefits and programs for customers to explore. Programs like Power Choice help put Pico Rivera on a path to a more sustainable future.

To learn more about the Power Choice Program and to sign up, visit

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