The Regional Bikeway Project’s first phase is ongoing with construction along the north side of Mines Avenue. Pavement operations along the north side are scheduled to resume in the coming weeks.

Motorists and pedestrians should be aware of the temporary change in traffic patterns. Currently, traffic is shifted to the south side of Mines Avenue to allow for construction activities on the nor th side of Mines Ave. During this period of construction, it’s important that all motorists adhere to all directional signage including No Left Turn restrictions. As a reminder, traffic fines are doubled in construction zones.

As with all construction projects on major roadways, delays are to be expected. Residents and commuters are encouraged to use alternate routes while the construction area from Mines Avenue starting at Paramount Boulevard up to the east of Rimbank Avenue will be impacted.

The overall goal of the project is to provide a safe regional bicycle connection to existing trails, promote active transportation, promote stormwater quality, and beautify the community.

In addition to the bicycle lanes, improvements within the project limits include pavement reconstruction, construction of bio-swales for stormwater capture, ADA improvements, traffic signal modifications at the intersections of Paramount Boulevard at Mines Avenue and Rosemead Boulevard at Mines Avenue, landscaping improvements, and signage.
While the City understands that this is a short-term inconvenience, in the end it will be a long-term benefit for the overall quality of life for the residents.

The Regional Bikeway Project is anticipated to be completed in Summer 2024.

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