Earlier this year, the City Council approved a five-year Strategic Plan to set the priorities and guide the policy direction for the City. The fundamental components of the Strategic Plan include clear mission, vision, and values statements, and concise goals, strategies, and actions. Defining the mission of the organization provides the City with a starting point for the planning process, the vision defines the end goal, and the values guide how the organization will behave to reach that goal.

The Strategic Plan is a result of several months of input from City residents, City staff, and City Councilmembers. City staff implemented a multi-phased approach to identify and compile draft goals, strategies, and action. The stakeholder engagement process included three City Council strategy sessions, a City Council survey, Community Needs Survey, Employee Engagement Survey, and five in-person public feedback events.

This comprehensive engagement process helped refine the mission, vision, and values statements, and craft five strategic priorities and 21 achievable goals. Implementation of the Strategic Plan will include a variety of process and approaches such as operationalizing detailed action plans, tracking performance metrics, and aligning strategic priorities with the City’s budget cycle.

“The Strategic Plan serves as a roadmap for Pico Rivera to advance the City’s mission and vision over the next five years,” said City Manager Steve Carmona. “The plan establishes alignment between the City’s resources and activities, the City Council’s policy direction, and the desires of our residents and businesses.”

The City’s Strategic Plan is designed to guide the work and the future of the City of Pico Rivera. This inaugural plan reflects input from the City Council, executive leadership, City staff, and community members. City  Council and City Staff are committed to the implementation of this plan and continuing collaboration with all stakeholders to achieve the goals in this Strategic Plan.

You can access the City’s five-year Strategic Plan by visiting bit.ly/ picorivera_strategicplan.

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