The Pio Pico Woman’s Club continues to make education and going to college the number one priority for the youth of Pico Rivera. While going to college is a great achievement for students, it’s an even greater achievement for those who will be the first in their families to go to college.

This year, the Pio Pico Woman’s Club has given $58,000 in scholarship funding in partnership with the Jeraldine Bates Memorial Fund. Ten students from El Rancho High School each received a scholarship worth $1,000 each, while five students from Ruben Salazar High School each received a $1,000 scholarship, and two students from Ellen Ochoa Prep Academy each received a $1,000 scholarship.

The Jeraldine Bates Memorial Fund has been working with the Pio Pico Woman’s Club for the past seven years to provide funding for the scholarships listed below. This year through the fund, a total of $48,000 in scholarship funds have been dispersed to the recipients. If the receiving students maintain a 3.5 GPA during each college school year, they will continue to receive $6,000 per year until their graduation.

This year, the Pio Pico Woman’s Club is honored to announce that eight students have graduated from their respective Universities, and one of these students is now attending Medical School. Each of these students received $6,000 through the scholarship funds for the four years they were attending their colleges.

Currently, the students below are benefiting from the generosity of the Pio Pico Woman’s Club receiving $6,000 while they continue their studies:

Yulissa Chavez
University of La Verne

Carlos Juarez
University of California – Los Angeles

Maria Juarez
University of California – Santa Cruz

Kayla Perez
University of California – Los Angeles

Helen Mendez
University of California – Los Angeles

Alexandro Saenz
University of California – Irvine

Andrew Sepulveda
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Congratulations to all the scholarship recipients and good luck in your future endeavors.

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