The City of Pico Rivera is again partnering with NASA Services to recycle natural Christmas trees. Since natural Christmas trees are compostable, they can easily be chipped into mulch, which helps protect plant roots, inhibit weed growth, and retain moisture, thus reducing water

To recycle your Christmas tree, follow these three simple steps:

» Remove all the ornaments, tinsel, non-wood tree stands and lights from
your tree

» Do NOT put your tree in a tree bag

» Leave the tree on the curb just like you would your regular green waste
recycling bins

Trees will be collected on your regularly scheduled pick-up date from December 26, 2023, to January 19, 2024.

The Christmas season can also create extra trash. To prevent overflowing trash cans, please participate in the City’s blue bin recycling program. Cardboard packaging, Christmas boxes, wrapping paper, and Christmas cards can all be recycled. Place these items in your blue bin along with other recyclables such as milk jugs, detergent containers, beverage containers, newspapers, magazines, junk mail, and tin cans.

Please place only clean, dry items in your recycle bin.

For more information on Christmas tree recycling or Blue Bin Recycling program, call NASA Services at 1.888.888.0388

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