The Pico Rivera Water Authority is currently operating under a STAGE 2 WATER SUPPLY SHORTAGE with mandatory restrictions in place for Pico Rivera Water Authority customers ONLY.

A one-day watering schedule is now in effect from November 1 through Friday, March 31. Residents with even addresses can water on Tuesday, and residents with odd addresses can water on Thursday.

Residents are advised to keep the watering brief and to approximately five minutes per station. Residents who use a sprinkler system are asked to run their sprinklers before 8:00 a.m. or after 7:00 p.m. to minimize water evaporation and to maximize the water reaching lawns and plants to keep them healthy. Weekend irrigation is prohibited.

In addition to the watering schedule, mandates on swimming pools and spas were included as part of the Level 2 Water Supply Shortage. Residents, for the time being, will only be allowed to refill pools or spas of any depth that lost water due to natural evaporation up to one foot in depth. Pools and spas that need initial filling will be prohibited. The filling of ornamental ponds will also be prohibited unless it sustains existing aquatic life.

While residents are doing their part, we, too, are doing our part. The City continues to use reclaimed water on many at many of our City facilities, medians, parks, and the Golf Course. To help us out even further, the City encourages residents to report excessive runoff and broken sprinkler heads by using the service request form on the City’s website at or by calling 562.801.4415.

It’s important to note that the restrictions announced here are for residents who are customers of the Pico Rivera Water Authority only. Residents who are customers of the Pico Water District or San Gabriel Valley Water Company may follow a similar plan with different watering days and restrictions as outlined by the respective Water Boards.

For more information on water restrictions for the Pico Water District or San Gabriel Valley Water Company, call the following phone numbers: Pico Water District – 562.692.3756 San Gabriel Valley Water Company – 562.699.1041

For residents who wish to file a water waste complaint, please visit All reports are anonymous.

For more information about the water restrictions for the Pico Rivera Water Authority, call 562.801.4330.

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