The Pico Rivera Senior Center’s restrooms will be closing as an extensive renovation to both the Men’s and Women’s restrooms will take place from October through December.

The restroom facilities at the Senior Center are as old as the facility itself, which is over 25 years old, and are used by hundreds of patrons daily. Over the last few years, plumbing issues have plagued the facilities, with several repairs being made to address any ongoing issues temporarily. In addition to the plumbing, several other issues were identified, including accessibility and restroom fixtures.

The renovation project will include such improvements as new tiles, partitions, countertops, and mirrors. Additionally, the plumbing, electrical, and mechanical elements will also be replaced and updated. All the work that will be completed will be in accordance with the current standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

The last renovation to the Senior Center was in 2010 when the Center received a new fitness room, dance studio, computer lab, and a few room reconfigurations.

While the restrooms will be closed for the duration of the project, temporary restroom facilities will be made available for Senior Center patrons. The Senior Center will remain open during this time; however, some programs may be impacted.

For more information, call the Center at 562.948.4844.

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