Safe and affordable home solar through permitting automation

Solar Panel Permits with SolarAPP+

Residential homeowners and solar panel installation contractors in Pico Rivera are now able to apply for permits online with the help of SolarAPP+, a web-based portal for residential solar energy system installations, developed by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory to automate project plan reviews, receive automated permit, pay fees online, and schedule inspections.

SolarAPP+ Process

  1. Submit solar project for automated review through SolarAPP+.
      • Register or sign in to SolarAPP+ at
      • Submit design/plans.
      • Pay $25 administrative fee (per project).
      • Download SolarAPP+ Approval Document.
  1. Submit Residential Solar Permit application to the Pico Rivera.
      • Go to the Pico Rivera Online Permit page.
      • Click on the Apply button to get to the Residential Solar Permit
      • Please make sure to register and login to complete the online application.
      • You must have the following information to apply for the Residential Solar Permit SolarApp+ approval number.
        1. SolarAPP+ Approval Document with inspection checklist.
        2. Solar contractor and contractor license number.

3. Pay online, and a permit will be issued.


  1. Schedule the inspection online.
        • Login to your City of Pico Rivera account, find the permit number and perform action to Request Inspection.
        • Requests for inspection should be made at least twenty-four hours in advance, and the specific date and time requested is not guaranteed. You will be notified once your inspection is scheduled by the City.

SolarAPP+ Revisions

  1. Log in and submit for a revision through SolarAPP+ and you will be provided with a downloadable revised SolarAPP+ Approval Document.
  2. Upload revised SolarApp+ Approval document.
        • Login to the Pico Rivera website and find the permit number associated with your SolarAPP+ permit.
        • Perform action to Upload Revision and upload the revised SolarApp+ Approval Document.

For questions or help on submitting your application, please contact the Building and Safety Division during business hours at (562) 801-4360 or email

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