Safe and affordable home solar through permitting automation

Solar Panel Permits with SolarAPP+ Residential homeowners and solar panel installation contractors in Pico Rivera are now able to apply for permits online with the help of SolarAPP+, a web-based portal for residential solar energy system installations, developed by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory to automate project plan reviews, receive automated permit, pay fees online, and schedule inspections. SolarAPP+ Process
  1. Submit solar project for automated review through SolarAPP+.
    1. Register or sign in to SolarAPP+ at
    2. Submit design/plans.
    3. Pay $25 administrative fee (per project).
    4. Download SolarAPP+ Approval Document.
  2. Submit Residential Solar Permit online application to Pico Rivera.
    1. Go to the Pico Rivera Online Permit page.
    2. Click on the Apply button to get to the Residential Solar Permit application.
    3. Make sure to register and login to complete the online application.
    4. You must have the following information to apply for the Residential Solar Permit.
      1. SolarApp+ approval number.
      2. SolarAPP+ Approval Document with inspection checklist.
      3. Solar contractor and contractor license number.
  3. Pay online and permit will be issued.
    1. Acceptable payment methods: Visa, Mastercard or e-check.
  4. Schedule inspection online.
    1. Login to Pico Rivera website, find the permit number and perform action to Request Inspection.
    2. Requests for inspection should be made at least twenty-four hours in advance and specific date and time requested is not guaranteed. You will be notified once your inspection is scheduled by the City.
  5. Provide signed Solar Affidavit.
    1. You must download and fill out the Solar affidavit prior to your inspection date. 
    2. You can provide the completed affidavit to the Inspector or upload the document by following these steps:
      1. Log in to Pico Rivera website.
      2. Click to My Permits.
      3. Click on the Request Number (aka Permit Number).
      4. Click on Documents tab.
      5. Click on + Add Document button to add document.
  6. Contact City of Pico Rivera for any revisions.

Watch an introduction and new user walk-through of the SolarAPP+ here:

For questions or help on submitting your application, please contact the Building and Safety Division during business hours at (562) 801-4360 or email

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