City Officials gathered at Rio Hondo Park last month to commemorate the the Park’s new Security Surveillance Camera System that was recently installed throughout the park grounds.

Earlier this year, Rio Hondo Park became the site for the “Security Camera Pilot Program” as identified by the City Council with the intentions of installing cameras at other park sites in the coming years. Over this past summer, 20 cameras were strategically installed throughout Rio Hondo Park to maximize coverage of the park grounds, community center, and the Pico Rivera Youth Center.

Monitoring of these cameras will take place inside the park office, and at the Pico Rivera Sheriff’s Station. This gives City staff and Sheriff’s personnel real time capabilities to respond to incidents that may be occurring in the park. Another feature of the Security System is the ability for City staff or Sheriff’s personnel to speak with park patrons through a two-way audio and talkback system. The talkback system will also give the Sheriff’s the ability to speak to those who are at the park after hours or who are trespassing, and warn them that they may be cited or arrested.

Behind the scenes, the camera system will be able to archive recordings and retrieve time-stamped data for criminal prosecutions (if necessary). As well, the cameras are Pan-Tilt-Zoom capable, allowing designated staff to remotely change the position and zoom of the camera to focus on any subject or occurrence in the park.

Overall, the new Security Surveillance Camera System will work to ensure that Rio Hondo Park is not a target for criminals, vandalism, or illicit behavior. Instead, the park will continue to be a place that fosters pride in the community, healthy living, and a safe haven for those looking to recreate.

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