Over the years, the Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system at the Rivera Park Auditorium has experienced several issues that required extensive repairs and service calls. At twenty years old, this system has outlived its service life and recently stopped functioning, prompting a full system replacement.

City staff quickly obtained the necessary quotes to replace the system, and on July 5th of this year, the project to replace the HVAC unit at River Park began. The project was concluded on August 15th, lasting a little over a month. However, the HVAC system was not the only upgrade to the Rivera Park Auditorium. As this facility was closed to the public during this upgrade, the City’s Public Works staff used this opportunity to upgrade the facility’s interior lighting with LED lights, painted the room, and organized the electrical wiring for the auditorium’s sound system.

The newest upgrades to this 60+ year old facility has added to the comfort and mservice this building offers to the Pico Rivera community.

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