Construction at the intersection of Rosemead Boulevard and Beverly Boulevard was completed last month after eight months of activity. This major capacity enhancement and safety improvement project was completed as part of the Gateway Cities Council of Governments (Gateway COG) Hot Spots Program.

Improvements included widening of the intersection to add an additional left-turn and right-turn lanes in the westbound direction of Beverly Boulevard, as well as additional left-turn lanes in the northbound and southbound direction of Rosemead Boulevard.

The project also included the reconstruction of existing medians, sidewalks, and curb and gutter to accommodate additional travel lanes along northbound and southbound of Rosemead Boulevard through the intersection. The main portion of the intersection was reconstructed fully in concrete to withstand truck traffic and increase life expectancy of the surface. Additionally, the project rehabilitated the asphalt pavement along Beverly Boulevard from Acacia Avenue Street to Lindell Avenue, constructed new concrete bus pads, and modified the existing traffic signal.

In order for the widening of Rosemead Boulevard at Beverly Boulevard to be accomplished, the shopping center at the northeast corner of the intersection was purchased and subsequently demolished for this project. With the project now complete, this parcel of land is now available for future economic and development use.

The overall goal of the Gateway COG’s Hot Spots program is to increase capacity at major intersections along Rosemead Boulevard to reduce congestion along the SR-91/I-605/I-405 corridors. The Gateway COG Hot Spot Program identified four intersections within the City of Pico Rivera and awarded $18,254,500 in reimbursement grant funds to the City to implement the program’s projects Rosemead and Beverly Boulevards Construction Completed
within its jurisdiction.

As of this month, all four intersections of the Hot Spots Program in the City of Pico Rivera, which included Rosemead Boulevard at Whittier Boulevard, Rosemead Boulevard at Washington Boulevard, Rosemead Boulevard at Slauson Avenue and Rosemead Boulevard at Beverly Boulevard have been completed.

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