The City recently conducted a community survey through an independent research firm, randomly selecting adult residents to identify community needs, measure resident satisfaction with municipal services, and help inform the City’s 5-Year Strategic Plan. The Survey was administered in English and Spanish from September 15 through September 30, and a total of 483 randomized residents answered the survey.

Overall, survey respondents gave the City a good rating on the quality of life in Pico Rivera. High approval ratings were given in regards to services and programs offered by Community and Economic Development, Public Safety, Street Sweeping, Parks and Recreation, and facility upkeep. In addition to the high marks in services provided, the City received a high satisfaction rating in the communication efforts that are led by the City’s Media and Communications Division. The Division produces the City’s monthly newsletter, the Profile, as well as all the social media content, news updates on the City’s website, and a majority of the program flyers distributed City-wide.

Aside from the results, residents who responded to the survey were given an opportunity to provide feedback and opinions on City priorities, programs, and future initiatives. “Anytime a survey is taken, we obviously brace for any negativity, but to see that our residents provided positive feedback truly shows that we are doing things right in the City,” said City Manager Steve Carmona. “Admittedly, there are areas of improvement and we will definitely work on that, in the areas of high satisfaction, we will continue to raise the bar and provide services that exceed our residents’ expectations. The survey is highly reliable with a maximum margin of error due to sampling of +/- 4.4% at the 95% confidence level.

These survey results will be used as guidance for current and future strategic programming within the different City departments. A complete report of the 2021 Community Survey results are available on the City’s website at

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