Last December, many residents were shocked to hear of the passing of legendary Mexican artist Vicente Fernández, aer a long battle with health issues. Fernández’s command of ranchera and mariachi styles of music attracted fans far beyond Mexico’s borders. Many residents here can recall hearing his music at home or at a family member’s house. Many can recall hearing his music in person at one of the many live shows held at concert venues throughout Southern California including, the Pico Rivera Sports Arena.

To honor Fernández’s legacy, last month, City officials announced the renaming of Sports Arena Drive to Avenida Vicente Fernández, aer the beloved musician. Sports Arena Drive is the primary access road to the Pico Rivera Sports Arena, where Fernández performed on numerous occasions. Each performance drew thousands of residents and concert-goers to the City, proving Fernández was a beloved figure among area residents, regardless of age.

Details on a formal event will be coming soon in the Profile.

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