Youth Center Interior

Project Overview:

  • Capital Improvement Program Reference Number: CIP 50034 (Design) & 50100 (Construction)
  • Type: Parks & Facilities
  • Status: Bidding
  • Estimated Completion: November/December 2023

Project Details:

The Youth Center is currently in poor condition and has been closed for years due to its current condition. Therefore, the plan is to renovate the Youth Center to bring the building up to code while creating a fresh space for the community to return to.

Project Benefits:

Due to the Youth Center’s poor condition, Youth Center activities had to be moved to the Rio Hondo Park facility which unfortunately displaced classes and made the center’s services less accessible to the Pico Rivera community at large. The renovation will enable the City to restore and expand youth activities and services, including providing a safe environment to utilize.

Budget & Funding:


Visit the Youth Center Renovation Project page on Planet Bids for more information.

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