Clearman’s Steak ‘N Stein has been a fixture on Whittier Boulevard for seven decades, since 1946. Known for its heavy wood elements, natural stone, copper accents, and stained glass reminiscent of an English tavern, customers from all over Southern California have wined and dined at this establishment. As COVID-19 restrictions ease, patrons are increasingly looking for in-restaurant dining and entertainment options. To accommodate for this, Steak ‘N Stein will be remodeling and expanding its bar area, which is expected to double in size after bar renovations are completed in Summer 2022. Additionally, some portions of the dining area will be re-arranged to accommodate for this bar expansion and reboot. Steak ‘N Stein’s decor has withstood the test of time, and these upcoming modifications are designed to suit its clientele while indulging in the rich ambiance its customers have come to love.

With a renovated bar area and rebooted layout, this community staple is ensuring it makes the same investment in its infrastructure as it does to its food and service. Striking that balance between cozy ambiance, dim lighting and intimate setting, while continuing its tradition of outstanding steak and cheese bread, Steak ‘N Stein is making the necessary modifications to adjust to the times. While the restaurant adjusts to the needs of today’s clientele, it will ensure it continues to capture the same essence it has been long known and regarded for. We invite you to come on by and check out the renovations expected by Summer 2022. Cheers!

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