The city is developing a series of plans, programs, and projects to improve safety, enhance infrastructure, beautify the community, upgrade facilities, promote economic development, and revitalize Pico Rivera. As plans and projects progress, additional needs and considerations typically arise. For example, the Historic Whittier Boulevard Revitalization Program gave rise to the idea of establishing a formal “uptown” district that merits its own unique identity and branding. Although Whittier Boulevard is indeed special, a new identity must also be consistent and reinforce the overarching Citywide image and branding.

In September 2023, the City Council authorized the development a comprehensive branding, signage, and furniture master plan that will outline design styles, artistic features, special qualities, and nuanced character that can be integrated into the urban form through street signage, furniture, architecture, landscaping, infrastructure, and much more.

The branding element will focus on creating a new logo and branding structure for the city, including the Water Authority, PRIME/Office of Sustainability and other special initiatives such as PR 2035. The signage and furniture element will promote design consistency with street signs, marquees, monuments, gateways, wayfinding, benches, light posts, bus shelters, trash receptacles, and much more.

Based on input and feedback, a preferred alternative will be brought to the City Council for consideration and approval in September of 2024. 

Project Goals

1. Modernize the city brand, identity, and image to reflect our history & culture while conveying a new vision for the future.

2. Develop a unified theme that contributes to an appealing sense of place and style and that inspires community pride.

3. Attract new public and private investments by elevating the city’s competitiveness and marketability.

4. Provide systematic guidance for implementing, tracking, and maintaining city signage and furniture.

5. Create new, long-term revenue streams.

Project Timeline

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