The City will be observing Building Safety Month throughout the month of May. Building Safety Month, sponsored by the International Code Council Foundation, is an annual event aimed at raising awareness about the critical role of building safety, code enforcement, and fire prevention.

The City’s Building Division is dedicated to promoting building safety through the regulation and enforcement of construction codes. Ensuring the safety of the community’s buildings is their top priority, and they are committed to working diligently to uphold the highest standards of safety and compliance.

In recognition of Building Safety Month, here a some safety tips directly from one of the City’s Building Division Inspectors. These tips are designed to help you enhance the safety of your homes and businesses:

» Check with your local building safety department before beginning home improvement projects. Requirements vary, but many building safety departments require permits for home improvement projects.

» Make sure to have a safe and accessible exit so that all occupants are able to vacate any building as quickly and easily as possible.

» Install Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms in proper locations so they can easily be heard. Test all alarms regularly.

» Don’t let electrical cords create a danger! Overloaded receptacle outlets and undersized electrical extension cords or damaged cords can cause a fire or electrocution.

For more information about Building and Safety Codes, call the Building Division at 562.801.4360.

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