Thank you for visiting the City of Pico Rivera’s parking analysis webpage! You may already be aware that there are several neighborhoods throughout Pico Rivera where residents find it increasingly difficult to access parking. Similarly, insufficient parking can also be found in certain commercial and industrial zoned districts in the City. In 2018, the City Council approved funding for a citywide parking analysis that will examine parking conditions throughout Pico Rivera. The goal of the parking analysis is to develop new parking regulations designed to meet the needs of Pico Rivera residents and business owners.

Walker Consultants, a professional parking firm, has been selected to conduct the citywide parking analysis in Pico Rivera. Walker Consultants specializes in providing comprehensive parking solutions for their clients in the private sector and governmental entities in the public sector. The consultant will study various areas of the City to collect information pertaining to parking behaviors and make recommendations. The consultant will also review the City of Pico Rivera’s current parking regulations and provide suggestions and recommendations to update requirements for existing commercial centers and future developments.

Upon conclusion of the citywide parking analysis, recommendations provided by the consultant will be carefully reviewed and included in the City’s parking regulation where appropriate. With input from residents and business owners, City officials and Walker Consultants will work together to identify and implement creative solutions which best serve the parking needs of residents and business owners in Pico Rivera.

Citywide Parking Analysis FAQ

2021 Parking Field Study

2021 Draft Parking Recommendation

How can I get involved/attend a meeting?

To get involved, residents can attend meetings and learn about new parking laws that will be introduced and considered for amendment to the City’s parking regulation. To attend future meetings, contact the Community and Economic Development Department at (562) 801-4332. Provide your name and email address or phone number to the secretary, and you will receive notification from the Project Planner of upcoming community meetings and public hearings.

For more information about the Citywide Parking Analysis, contact the Project Planner, Hector Hernandez, at 562.801.4340 or

Learn more about Walker Consultants by visiting their website at

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