The City of Pico Rivera takes pride in keeping the City clean. Our Public Works Department responds to many calls to have various areas cleaned or have large abandoned items picked up. There’s one area in which we need our residents’ help in, and that is neighborhood alleys.

There are various parts of the City where alleys are used to access places of residence or business, and in many locations, for trash pickup.

City residents are reminded to keep these alleys as clean as possible. They are part of this City, and in many instances, are directly adjacent to homes. While many homeowners and property owners take pride in keeping their areas clean, many times despite the owners and City’s best efforts, some alleys become littered with trash, including large bulky items that were illegally dumped. Often, trash containers are left out in the alley past trash pickup day.

Please remember, these alleys are used on a daily basis by residents as well as emergency personnel. It’s important that the alleys are free and clear of any debris to ensure that vehicles are able to pass by.

While these alleys are swept once a month, residents can do their part and help us keep these alleys clean. As a reminder, illegal dumping is subject to a fine of up to $100, and trash containers need to be stored after your scheduled pick-up.

For information on reporting illegal dumping, please call our Code Enforcement Division at 562.801.4413.

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