During a City Council meeting last month, Steve Soto, a former resident of the City, stopped by to read a poem he had written specifically for the City of Pico Rivera. Mr. Soto was born and raised in Pico Rivera, graduating from El Rancho High School in 1969. Mr. Soto has written several books, four of which have been published, filled with poems, quotes, and ethics.

The poem he read, entitled “Pico Rivera”, reflects how the City holds a special place in his heart.

Raised in PR since I was four,
life was great couldn’t ask for more.

Sometimes things were a little tight,
we still knew wrong we still knew right.

Parents raised us with respect,
nothing less than they’d accept.

Great parks to play, libraries too,
only one, but best high school.

Clean safe streets felt safe all night,
proud city fathers no urban blight.

Resident’s kind to all we’d meet,
not better than, no conceit.

If someone needed three or four,
you’d probably give them four or more.

A city where we’re all the same,
lots of pride no ounce of shame.

Aught with big time movie stars,
millionaire’s expensive cars.

Drive around meet your wife,
make good friends that last for life.

Lots of towns that you could nest,
glad to know we chose the best.

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