In an effort to combat overfilled trash cans and meet recent state organic waste guidelines, the City is launching the Bigbelly Smart Waste Bins Pilot Program. The program includes the installation of 50 smart waste bins throughout Smith Park.

The Bigbelly Smart Waste Bins are solar-powered and will improve the aesthetics of the park while reducing the amount of overfilled waste that may fall out. They will reduce the number of labor hours used to service the current trash bins.

Not only are the state-of-the-art trash bins replacing the current bins, but they also act as mini compactors once the bins detect a certain level has been reached inside the bin. With the trash being compacted in the 50-gallon waste bin, it will require fewer trash collections. The Smart Waste Bin is equipped with sensors that monitor and report fullness level, collection activity, bin status, and GPS location; all information is communicated through the system’s management console. Once a bin is full, City staff from our Public Works Department will be alerted of the specific bin and location. The best part is that the trash will remain inside the bins, which means odor elimination and less debris for a better park going experience.

The 50 bins will include three varieties that will be placed throughout the park. A triple bin system for regular trash, recyclables, and organic waste, a double bin system for just trash and recyclables, and a single bin for trash.

The overall goals of this project are to meet California State Law SB 1383 organic diversion mandates, improve operational efficiency, and further environmental stewardship.

Keep an eye out at Smith Park for these new and modern trash collection bins. For more information about the City’s recycling programs, call 562.801.4244.

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