If you or someone in your household requires the regular use of electrically-operated medical equipment or other qualifying medical devices, Southern California Edison’s Medical Baseline Allowance program can provide an extra 16.5 kilowatt hours of electricity per day. Provided at the lowest baseline rate, this helps offset the cost of operating the medical equipment. Regardless of your household income, you may qualify if you meet the eligibility requirements below.

If you or another full-time resident in your home:

1. Requires the regular use of electrically-operated medical/life support equipment to sustain, replace, or restore a vital physical function, and/or

2. Is affected by a condition, including multiple sclerosis, scleroderma, or is paraplegic, quadriplegic, or hemiplegic (see list on sce.com/medicalbaseline), or

3. Has a life-threatening illness or compromised immune system that
requires heating and/or cooling.

Customers receiving a Medical Baseline Allowance specifically for air conditioning use related to a medical condition are not eligible to participate in SCE’s Summer Discount Plan.

Any electrically powered device that mechanically or artificially sustains life or restores or replaces a vital physical function, including mobility, is considered qualifying medical equipment. This includes but is not limited to life-support equipment. Devices used for therapy but not medically required for sustaining life do not qualify.

To apply for the Medical Baseline Allowance program, you can enroll online at sce.com/medicalbaseline.

For additional information, visit sce.com/medicalbaseline or call 1.800.655.4555.

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