The City of Pico Rivera, the Pico Rivera Chamber of Commerce, and Red Cross are looking for volunteers to join Prepare Pico Rivera, a coalition to help Pico Rivera residents become prepared.

After any large disaster, residents and businesses may be isolated from basic emergency support anywhere from several hours to a few days. Therefore, people must be prepared to survive safely on their own and to aid others until outside help arrives.

Prepare Pico Rivera is committed to developing a community resilience approach and drafting a Resiliency Plan to ensure that its community has what it needs to “bounce back” from all disasters, large and small.

The benefits of joining Prepare Pico Rivera include free training in CPR/First Aid, fire & earthquake safety, and sheltering, hands on experience in emergency management, and the opportunity to save lives and do meaningful work for the community.
The Coalition meets virtually once
a month in the early evening for
1 to 2 hours.

Residents who are interested or would like more information can call Julia Gonzalez at 562.801.4447.

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