Last month, the California Contract Cities Association recognized the City of Pico Rivera and awarded the City for its Pico Rivera Innovative Municipal Energy (PRIME) Program with the John Todd Award.

The John Todd award, presented during the Association’s Fall Educational Summit, showcases a project or program that exemplifies the Contract Cities Model of creating successful partnerships. The City’s entry is the successful PRIME program and the partnership with California Choice Energy Authority (CCEA).

The City contracted with CCEA to provide technical professional services for implementation, power procurement, data management, and compliance reporting. This partnership has allowed PRIME to operate within the regulatory requirements of California without requiring the overhead costs of several full-time staff needed to operate.

As a result of this partnership, the services offered by PRIME continue to grow, and the vision of a sustainable City is slowly coming to fruition. PRIME’s success and long-term partnership with CCEA is a testament to the Contract Cities Model and the immediate impacts of the City’s investment in supporting the Pico Rivera community.

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