Over the last eight months, the City of Pico Rivera has focused on ways of addressing the City’s Long-Term Strategic Plan, which includes street improvements, fixing potholes, protecting water quality, and addressing aging city buildings and facilities. City leaders have also continually sought to ensure public safety and protect Pico Rivera by preventing crime and theft while improving 911 response times. While the City has continuously passed balanced budgets, the ongoing needs of the City cannot be met under the current or projected revenues.

After a series of council meetings, community engagement, and receiving independent professional reports, the City Council approved the placement of a ballot measure on the November 8, 2022 ballot that will address the City’s ongoing needs. The proposed Measure AB would seek to raise revenues to meet the City’s long- term financial needs by simplifying and bringing equity to the City’s business fee structure, which has remained largely unchanged since the 1960s.

The goal of proposed Measure AB is to bring equity to the City’s license fee and generate sufficient revenue to address the long-term infrastructure needs of Pico Rivera without overburdening small businesses. Equally important to the Council is that the proposed Measure AB is not a direct tax on residents.

If passed, it is estimated the Measure could generate about $5.8 million dollars annually. This can help address the current projected $69 million funding gap for capital improvement projects over the next five years alone, support a strong public safety presence, and address homelessness and park and school safety.

As proposed, Measure AB would require a majority of voters in Pico Rivera to vote yes on November 8. With mail-in ballots coming to all California homes, voting may begin in early October. Over the next few months, the City will provide materials in many forms and hold community meetings to help educate voters about Measure AB. Stay tuned for more details.

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