The Los Paseos de Historic Whittier Boulevard Project will transform blighted, underutilized alleyways and public parking lots into a welcoming, family-friendly network of neighborhood paseos that will serve as vibrant outdoor community-oriented spaces and dining areas in the heart of “uptown” Pico Rivera along Historic Whittier Boulevard. In addition to beautification, this project will also improve safety and mobility for residents and businesses located along Speedway Alley, the future site of the Paseos. The City of Pico Rivera is currently developing the Historic Whittier Boulevard Specific Plan to accommodate higher density mixed-use development and sustained economic growth. The Specific Plan will serve as the foundation for an official “uptown” business district in Pico Rivera, which currently does not exist today. New zoning and design guidelines will encourage businesses to reorient their storefronts to face and integrate with the paseos, thereby offering much needed al fresco seating and standing capacity for local businesses. Considering the anticipated growth in mixed-use development, the paseos will also serve as a much needed open and public gathering space in an urban setting. The project will also engage professional and local artists to infuse art into the Paseos. Environmental sustainability, climate resilience, and stormwater capture through urban greening are core features of this project.

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