The City of Pico Rivera has formulated a comprehensive strategy for the identification and activation of new parks and open spaces within an urban setting to address its significant need while preparing for future developments across the city’s main corridors. The multifaceted strategy includes traditional avenues such as strategic property acquisitions, and innovative methods such as: introducing plazas, micro parks, parklets, parkways, trails, and the adaptive repurposing of parking lots and alleys into open spaces, complete with urban greening features such as rain gardens and bioswales. Additionally, the integration of outdoor dining spaces can contribute towards placemaking and passive park space while promoting community-oriented spaces. A significant milestone in the city’s efforts in introducing new park spaces was the establishment of a shared-use agreement with the El Rancho Unified School District, which will facilitate the transformation of underutilized or surplus school district facilities into dynamic parks and recreational spaces. Furthermore, the City’s strategic partnership with Landify, an innovative firm that specializes in delivering park projects with local governments, can be instrumental in realizing cost-effective park development by designing low impact park spaces and effectively managing and redirecting excavated soils for use at city project sites. This section highlights Pico Rivera’s commitment to redefining urban living through visionary planning and collaborative partnerships.

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