The Project Team

The City of Pico Rivera will serve as lead for the HWB Program, including the Specific Plan and the Historic Whittier Boulevard Multimodal Revitalization Plan. CivicWell, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, will support overall program management and grant administrative duties. Day One, a local non-profit organization, will be responsible for developing and implementing a robust outreach and engagement plan for the HWB Program. MIG will lead development of the Specific Plan and the Historic Whittier Boulevard Multimodal Revitalization Plan documents. CivicWell, Day One, and MIG will work collaboratively with the City of Pico Rivera throughout the course of the project to lead an effective outreach and engagement campaign, resulting in recommendations in the final plans that are reflective of diverse stakeholders’ needs.

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HWB Program Committees

Advisory group

The advisory group will comprise of approximately 8-12 individuals that will guide the development and execution of the HWB Program. The advisory group will include a diverse set of stakeholders representing every facet of the community. The group will identify important sensitivities to consider and pertinent information regarding the conditions, history, and needs of the community. The advisory group will help determine strategies for engaging all segments of the community and maximizing participation at public events, as well as opportunities for coordination and synergy with other community initiatives and planning activities impacting the community. Meetings will also provide a venue for discussion of plan concepts and strategies for plan implementation. The Project Advisory Group is expected to meet throughout the course of the project, with the possibility of additional meetings as needed.

Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)

The TAC will be comprised of city staff, local, regional and state transportation agency representatives, and economic development and housing agency representatives who will provide project technical guidance. The TAC will meet periodically throughout the project on an as-needed basis to provide the Project Team advice and input on the existing conditions analysis and provide recommendations to shape the plans.

Policymaker’s Advisory Group

The Project Team will hold briefings and informational sessions with key policymakers to inform the planning process at key decision points and obtain feedback and direction during the development of plan components. We anticipate 6 meetings in total with Policymakers, or approximately 2 meetings with each of the following bodies: City Council, the Planning Commission, and the Parks Commission. 2-3 meetings will occur during the plan development process and 1-2 meetings prior to official hearings for approvals and adoption.

Youth Ambassadors Program

The Project Team will work with the local school district and colleges, teen center, library and other agencies to help recruit and maintain a small but reliable list of young volunteers (high school and college-age) that will be trained to serve as program ambassadors. The ambassadorship will provide hands-on experience and educational opportunities within the sphere of urban planning and design, public policy, project development and public administration. Ambassadors will help conduct community outreach and support engagement activities such as pop-up booths at local events, design charrettes, walking and biking tours, school presentations, and much more.

Project Partners

The City of Pico Rivera
Project Lead

Program Management

Day One
Community Engagement

Develop the Specific Plan and Historic Whittier Boulevard Multimodal Revitalization Plan


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