About the Department

The Marketing and Media Communications Division is overseen by the Department of Parks and Recreation and serves as the City’s information resource center for residents, businesses, the news media, City and other government officials, and employees of the City of Pico Rivera. This award-winning operation develops and implements public information and marketing campaigns using a variety of communication media. Additionally, the Division is responsible for producing and coordinating special events, managing news media relations and crisis/emergency communication, and developing short- and long-term communication strategies.

Division staff members also provide graphics, photography, and video production support to other City departments, and provide a range of writing and ceremonial services for the offices of the City Manager and City Council.


The Media and Communications Division writes, edits, designs and produces a number of printed materials. These include the Pico Rivera Magazine, the City’s monthly newsletter, The Profile, the quarterly Parks and Recreation Guide, special publications, informational booklets, brochures, and promotional materials.

City e-mails

Residents who wish to receive important City news, information, updates, special messages and alerts directly by email can do so by subscribing to the City’s e-newsletter service. To subscribe, simply email us at gcastorena@pico-rivera.org and we will add your email to our list.

Profile stories

Social Media

The City of Pico Rivera maintains five Social Media pages for the purpose of disseminating information to City residents and visitors.  Information includes City Council announcements, public safety alerts, City-Wide special event announcements, public service announcements, and news/events from around the City. Here’s how you can connect to our Social Media pages.

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