Residential additions, such as the construction of a bedroom, bathroom, room expansion, covered patios, and even some storage sheds, require Planning Division approval in addition to the issuance of a City building permit.

The first step is to submit a site plan to the Planning Division for zoning consistency review (a $345 fee applies for residential additions such as bedrooms, family rooms, bathrooms, and room expansions; a $70 fee applies for new construction of accessory structures i.e., covered patios, storage sheds, and swimming pools). The turn-around for zoning consistency review is  2-5 business days. For additional information regarding Planning Division’s zoning consistency review, please contact the Planning Division at (562) 801-4332.

A sample site plan and a handout outlining residential development standards are available below.


Residential Plan Check Review

After obtaining zoning consistency approval from the Planning Division, submit 4 sets of construction plans to the Building Division for plan check submittal and attach a copy of the approved site plan to each set of plans.  The initial plan check review will take approximately 2-3 weeks depending on the size, scope of the project, and corrections needed to conform to current construction requirements before a building permit can be issued. The turn-around for re-submittals is also 2-3 weeks for review.

Plan check fees are provided upon submission of plans.

Building permits can be obtained at the Building Division counter without construction plans for water heater change-outs, electrical upgrades, etc.

For additional information, please contact the Building Division at (562) 801-4360.

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